Saturday, 30 April 2016


I've wanted to do this post for so long now, but I just haven't had the motivation to finish it. Now I've finally hit the post button, but I still haven't taken any proper pictures so sorry for the bad quality and lack of photos. Anyways, a few months ago I decided to cut my hair short. It did not turn out the way I had hoped and I absolutely hated my hair. I honestly don't think I have ever hated a haircut as much as I did this one. So I decided to fix my problem by purchasing some clip-on hair extensions to wear until my hair grows out more. After reading a ton of blogposts and watching multiple YouTube videos on hair extensions I ended up getting the Foxy Locks hair extensions. I've been really happy with my purchase, so I thought I'd do a little blogpost about the product.

Ordering my hair extensions on the FoxyLocks website was easy and trouble free. The parcel arrived within a few days and they had a reasonable shipping prize (even for international orders). When you get your package the hair extensions will be in a plastic container with two departments. One with the majority of the hair and a smaller one with a "test" clip-on extension. The great thing about this is that you can open the smaller one and try out the hair extension to make sure the colour matches your own hair and to get a feel of the quality. If the hair doesn't match, you can send the hair extensions back with no charge. I think this is such a great idea, as it can be almost impossible to find the perfect colour match online. It turns out that my hair extensions was a bit darker than my actual hair, but I didn't mind coloring my hair a shade darker to match it.

I purchased the Regular package in the colour Cocoa. It comes with 125g of hair extensions, it's 18" in length and contains 8 wefts of hair. They are of course made of real Remy hair. However I would recommend to get one of their other options with more hair extensions, especially if you have shorter hair, because that will look much more natural and real. I think that I make it work with the 125g, but I can image having 230g would give a much better result. The reason a only bought the regular was simply because I couldn't afford to get more, but looking back I would have spend more money for the better extensions for sure. 

The quality of the hair extensions is great! I have only tried one other brand of clip-on hair extensions before, but I would say that the quality of these are so much better than those. I have worn them quite a lot these last few weeks and styled them in various diffrent ways and they haven't changed at all. They are easy to curl and straighten. I bought the straight hair, but I have mostly been wearing them with curls. The curls last so long! I only have to curl them like once every three weeks, in between I only do quick touch ups.

Over all my experience with the FoxyLock hair extensions have been great. I would definitely recommend them if you're looking for some new hair extensions.

Here's a link to the FoxyLocks website:



  1. Your hair looks amazing! I've always wished for longer hair, and if I wasn't so bad at maintaining my hair I would definitely get extensions like this. You look wonderful I'm sure it's such a great feeling to have long hair after wanting it for so long :)

    My Lovelier Days

    1. Thank you! It's great, but you're right it's kind of a lot of work too. :)